Experts in Auto Restoration Russia can bring your 1956 BelAir back to life

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1956 Chevrolet BelAir closely associates to a horde of automobile enthusiasts. Be it the Cabriolet or Hard Top, BelAir had the looks and styling to impress even the prickliest of critics. However, the last decade has seen a considerable decrease in its number. Several factors have contributed to this demise which the biggest of them being time and extinction of spare parts. But, if you live around Ohio and are an owner of this tarmac legend; do not worry. Experts in Auto Restoration Russia have come up with an impeccable solution for reviving your BelAir.

Tracing all parts –

The biggest challenge that comes up is the recognition of every part that is still available or is recoverable. This includes the engine, interior casings and exterior body panels. BelAir had possession of a “Big-Block” engine. So, professionals of Auto Restoration Russia, Ohio will match its serial number to trace out any such “Big-Block” that would fit in its bonnet.

Rust Issues –

Chevy BelAir is a bit tipsy when considering rust issues. It is known to accumulate rust over its front fenders and floor braces; this is typical of most 1950’s Chevys. It requires the use of special solvents which are known to remove rust. With one look of the condition, an expert will understand its needs. His team will gather their inventory and indulge in rejecting worn out parts and recovering the damaged ones.

Engine stories –

A traditional factory produced BelAir had power outputs of around 120 HP. However, the present times does not include the concept of “Big-Block” engines. So, to fill that gap calls for a substitution. Most BelAir restoration nowadays borrow engines from the 2000’s Camaros. The biggest reason behind this being that, these Camaros used the last of anything close to Big-Blocks.

Experts and professionals of Auto Restoration Russia make use of a similar mantra to bring this 1956 classic back to life. They will match engine numbers to find the best fit for your car so that your BelAir gets back its known rev.

Interior finesse –

Interior of any un-used car turns out to be unrecoverable and often indistinguishable. To bring its internal décor back to the original stature, professionals will go for completely new upholstery be it in leather or cloth.

New seat belts and armrests will make way to the interiors as well. The theme or shade of this refurbishment solely depends on its owner along with any added modifications that he wishes for. Reviving the interior luxury is of utmost importance if you want a BelAir true to its name.

Additional inclusions –

If you reside in or around Ohio, then experts of Auto Restoration Russia will ensure to make those necessary adjustments in order to give BelAir its classic finish. These include brand new halogen headlamps, redefined tail lights and most importantly its chrome linings.

Each section of chrome insert plays a crucial role in defining this vehicle lost galore and Experts in Auto Restoration Russia ensure of that task. So, if you own this classic beauty, then head over to a reliable restoration expert and bring this classic back to life.


Auto restoration Russia Ohio: 3 Reasons why not to rot a 30-year-old Mustang.

Auto restoration Russia Ohio: 3 Reasons why not to rot a 30-year-old Mustang

Remember the good old college days spent in fun and frolic? Then you must as well remember you’re good old Mustang with that rusty Ford badge in between the rugged grilles. But you have been a lazy kid and let it pass silently. You need to show the world what your car was and can be. That mean machine out there needs restoration. Experts at Auto restoration Russia will help you take advantage of your mean machine once again.

So you need not spend another fortune for a Corvette 2018. Your Mustang will be prepared to take that Corvette for a ride and beat it in a drag race straight up. If you are not convinced yet, you should take it a step further and let engineers of auto restoration Russia handle it.

3 reasons why you should not let your mean machine rot like a tomato:

Auto restoration gives you that power to retain the original powertrain only with minor upgrades or opt for a refurbished new powertrain. Experts at Auto restoration Russia allows partial restoration, e.g. upgrading your Mustang engine to a Hemi bombshell.

1. Restoring the Grunt –

Potential car restoration enthusiasts opine that engines succumb to death only when it gets too lazy to wake up. That’s right. Most of you lazy folks forget about your 30-year-old beast. Suppose you own a Plymouth Roadrunner 1980 from the 80’s and let it die ever since the new age V8s shook you down. Next time the Plymouth might refuse to get up, ever.

Take for example the Chevy Camaro SS 1970 and suppose, to your utter delight that you own one. No one can take his eyes down without smiling at the streamline Chevy SS in metallic blue paint. The right professionals will help you retain the original V6 fury and change the suspension to a FOX Racing suspension.

Restoring does not mean that you need to completely modify how the Mustang looked in the first place. Typical American muscle cars like the Chevy and Mustangs require a lot of power. With the change in time, car lovers have refigured their degree of hunger regarding horsepower.

2. More Power?

Auto restoration Russia engineers will help you to take control of your hunger and you can change your Mustang to a V8 Mustang. The new engines will be capable of producing mammoth power of up to 600 HP. Maximum torque can be raised to up to 550 lb-ft.

3. Modern Tech for better Economy –

Your Mustang drank enough fuel to lead you to forgetting her during a pocket crunch. Most of the muscle cars require tremendous amount of fuel to let them go faster. The best make use of expert automobile engineers’ technicians and designers who will give you enough reason to rejoice.

Maintain an old muscle car is not cheap. If you sincerely do not want to get rid of your 30 year old Mustang, you need to shell out some thousand dollars per annum. Most of the maintenance work is because you did not care to set the engines roar. Your muscle car needs to show her valor on the road to maintain its beauty.

Bringing back the Icons: Auto restoration Russia

Take a day off from your job and give your Mustang an auto restoration Russia service and make people think that it’s a new Mustang from 80’s made by engineers from 80’s. Your Mustang needs a makeover. Help it get a life and restore yours.